Sunsets and Sunrise ~














“We appear and disappear 

Just like sunrises and sunsets

We are so important to some 

But we’re just passing through”

– written by me, based on a similar quote from a movie 


In the name of Allah (God), the Most Merciful ~

Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
(May Peace and Blessings be Upon you) ~ 

For the longest time, I’ve been struggling with what to write for my first blog post.

I decided, what better way to start, then to ask for advice?

So, I consulted with a few close friends of mine; @Cora-Eve and @TypicalSoul and was even blessed with an extremely rare opportunity, to meet experienced Bloggers/YouTubers;

– Nabilabee


-LubnaTasneem .
Following on from that, there was also another occasion, that I met beautifully humble Spoken Word Artist/Poet/Writer @AfrikasPoet as well as the blossoming mind behind @StayModest !

(Details will be posted in the near future, to explain how both occasions happened,   In’Sha’Allah (If God Wills))

Nevertheless, it was an absolute blessing, Alhamdulilah (All Praise To God), to be able to meet them all in real life. In the few minutes I was able to grab speaking to them, one by one, hearing their experiences and bouncing ideas off them, I learnt more than I’d even thought possible, (most of which  was discovered through observation rather than words.)

//little fact about me: Even though, I’m an extremely shy person by nature around new people and was a nervous wreck, fiddling with my camera and repeating things multiple times, I’m so grateful that I tried to talk to them. I’m even more grateful that despite my nervousness and fears, I found a little more courage to voice my thoughts. Had I not tried,  I may never have learnt as much as I did.

One thing, I learnt growing up, from my amazingly ineffable mother, is:

“If you never try, you’ll never know.”//

Nevertheless, despite all those wonderful happenings, I was still unable to find the time and motivation, to get myself to start.

Many times we find ourselves continuously striving to achieve various things in life, but at the end of the day, if it’s not maktuub then it’s not maktuub. In other words, if it’s not written (meant to be) it’s just not meant to be.


Despite having numerous ideas for what to post, I still struggled to agree with myself on how to put together my first post!

However, at exactly 9:42 pm, on the 6th August 2016, I typed myself a note.

Where do I begin?

Where do I start?

Maybe the only way to

Is now.


In the process of reading my own question aloud, funnily enough,
I realised perhaps this was a sign. Many times we’re told/advised to ‘start’, ‘try’ and ‘begin’ but personally? I believe the biggest push sometimes, needs to come from within. That isn’t to say, others don’t play a major role in inspiring  and supporting us, but rather, our own reflections and contemplations, as to why we do and want to do things, matters too.

But, as you might have already guessed, it wasn’t meant for me to magically produce a piece overnight. However, that one little act, was, in my opinion, a beginning in itself. Despite now not being the exact date at which I wrote the note, I thought, maybe the best way to start is to do exactly that. 



As do sunrises and sunsets ~

Even if it meant starting off unsure of things. Because how else do we learn if we didn’t make mistakes? Easier said than done though right? especially if you’re an over-thinker and perfectionist like me. But by the grace of the Almighty, I was presented with yet another little firefly of a sign. This time in it came in the form of someone else’s work. This article illustrated voices I was struggling with in my own mind and I realised, sometimes the only way to overcome your fears, is to face it head on, as cliche as that may sound.

//Let fear be the spark, that starts a fire within your very soul.
Allow, your fears to awaken senses you didn’t know you had.
Refuse, to let it, shut you down.// – inspired by Divergent ~

Please do forgive me, if this post was a bit long for a ‘first’ but as I said it’s a start. It may not be as beautiful a sunrise or sunset, but I do hope you enjoyed it nonetheless and pray you find something of benefit in it. If you do spot any typos or anything you think I could change or improve on, feel free to contact me direct via email or leave a comment in the comment section below. Constructive Criticism is always welcome (:


Until the next post, if I live long enough to create another ~

Keep smiling (:

Take Care ~

& keep chasing Sakina ~

PS: I left you a little something else to read below too, just in case you weren’t bored of the already super long post, hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it ~



its forty-eight minutes past seven pm,

time ticks on,

fingers tap on,

hearts beat on,

eyes search forward,

minds yearn more,

souls grow tired,

so another day sets,

another day is gone,

was today an accomplishment?

was today a waste?

did you take a second to contemplate?

fingers grow numb,

hearts grow warm,

bodies begin to ache, at the thought of time slowly but surely slipping away, marking the certainty of life, that it will end one day, and we will all return back to the One who gave us life in the first place

May Allah (swt) make us of those who leave this world in the best of forms, Ameen ~

~ little musafira ~

-side note:-

[all words written and photos posted,
are written and taken by me, unless clearly stated otherwise.]


5 thoughts on “Sunsets and Sunrise ~

  1. I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday when I read this first, but I wanted to pop by before the day became too hectic and tell you that your photography and your beautiful words really touched my heart and made me think. Seriously, I loved everything about this post and I really really pray that you continue writing like this ❤


    1. Dear Cora,

      Thank you for leaving such a pretty little comment, it made my day knowing you enjoyed the little words and photography I put together. I look forward to writing more and hearing more from you too ~


      ~little ghuraba


  2. What a beautiful start With the sun rise! I hope Just like it’s rays, your writing touches hearts and adds warmth to whatever it touches,like it did to mine 🙂
    Loved the idea & the post!
    Keep writing!


    1. Dear Tags,

      Your name made my heart feel all warm inside ❤

      Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement (:
      Though I don't think my words come anywhere near to being anywhere close to being; warm nor lovely as sunrises and sunlight rays are, I do hope you continue to enjoy the posts as they come. I look forward to seeing you again soon ~


      ~little ghuraba


  3. You’re words made me feel so warm inside and your photography is great! Please write more posts, I’m eagerly waiting! 🙂


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