Beneath the Fog.

img_3514Beneath the Fog

I sat and watched

As the mist overcame the

Lives, which we drove past.


Beneath the Fog

Under a traingular sized roof

Lit with fairy-lights

We walked, and walked

My husband and I.

Exploring shops

Though in Britain

Reminded me of

A few summers ago

As my family and I,

Explored an outdoor shopping outlet,

In the summery heat

Of a Houston afternoon.

We passed by children,

I thought of my siblings,

I thought of their

cheeky smiles, inside jokes

my teenage boy bodyguards

aka, my taller than me-younger brothers.

Beneath the fog,

We walked and walked,

My husband and I,

until we got caught

in the car-parking area

drenched, in rain downpour.

I smiled then,

as the droplets slid

down my cheeks,

resting on my lips.

My family,

were always near,

Even when they weren’t.


8:11pm, 21/10/16

~ @littlemusafira


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