winter, is on its way.

W i n t e r ,

is on it’s way,

bringing with it, 

dripping mornings 

of silver grey, 

spiraling down windows panes,

skating down icy streets,

causing little ones,

teeth to chatter, 

feet, to shiver, 

desperately seeking,

warmth, from socks 

and blankets deep. 


days grow short, 

nights darker and long, 

blurring visions, 

fingers sink, deeper, 

in pockets of coats. 


watching it from afar,

zooming down the motorway,

steaming up windshields, 

as autumn leaves,

snow, all around 

raining downwards,

littering the grounds. 


making wudu, 

with water, warm

melts hands 

with comforting 

pins and needles, 

chasing away, 

numbness within, 

awaking the soul, 

alerting the mind, 

not even winter, lives on, 




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