7th January, 2017.

all too often,
are we carried away,
stressed about deadlines
paperwork, and grades.

all too often,
do we become numb,
forgetting our purpose
living life like robotic humans.

all too often,
do we crave
a break, from the chaos
the confusion,
and the constant headaches.

all too often,
do we live, lives
through devices, and screens
glued to them,
as if reality existed within. 

all too little,
do we visit
the perfectly created, creation,
of our Creator,
which provides us
with healing. 

all too often,
do we miss,
the beauty, and details
of our surroundings,
of moments,
rather than trying,
to enjoy, and appreciate it,
as it is,
we get caught up,
trying to capture every bit.

all too little,
do we try,
to take more time,
away from our devices,
and find more reasons
as to why, we’re truly,
honestly, wholeheartedly glad
to be alive. 


is but a number of days.


live, life, to the best of your abilities. 



spend, more time, with those who love you, and those whom you love.


be grateful, for the little delights,
give thanks, to Him,
let your heart be content,
try not, to dwell, on the endless negatives,
is not being able to eat and drink
a huge blessing of the millions,
bestowed upon you,
in itself?


hold your mum’s hand
while you can,
take walks, with your dad
while, you still, can.


see, how the moon,
and the stars, appear?
when was the last time,
your looked up at them,
from a quiet place,
and allowed the silence,
to blanket, the noise?
your worries, your stress, your fears.


are we not, given the means?
to travel, to explore, to discover?



could be waiting for you
at the end of the street,
on the bench in the park,
if you but knew,
if you but closed your devices,
looked up, and ahead,
for a change,

and tried, really hard,
not for him, her or them,
not for the grades, or work
or trying to get it over and done with,
but for you,

j u s t

y o u 

and took a deep,



breath, of fresh

air, life.

allowed it,

to seep, into

your lungs.

 a new look,

at life,

from a different, perspective. 



special thanks: to my parents and my husband ❤

for inspiring me,
believing in me, and encouraging me to pursue my passion and to never give up ~


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