The Windows.

 15th August 2016
Hugs of Darkness
“Even the coldest hearts of cold, crave warmth to survive.”

#1: In this picture, the sunset is being squeezed and swallowed almost like a hug, till very little is left. As the last rays of light twinkle, right before the night skies of cold and darkness descend.
“There’s always a way out”


#2: These two pictures illustrate, how some people focus on opportunities (open windows, gaps that can be slipped through, and finding new openings), while others complain about the one window sealed shut.

#3: Though we may fight to keep our memories intact, the inevitable truth is that, one day all we’ll remember are a mixture of pretty silhouettes and hazy warm feelings. Nostalgia, however, may visit us, every now and then, in vivid intricate details, in the form of different curtains. Perhaps then, once again, we’ll be reminded how tragically beautiful yet fleeting, life truly is.

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