little January update


Thanks to a super cute blog post I read recently, I was inspired to try and do a little update post of my own. In the last several months, I’ve found it increasingly hard to write as easily as I once did. I’ve faced frustration after frustration, over the fact my words don’t seem to flow exactly the way I’d like them to.
Bearing in mind, I don’t have much experience with blogging, I began with wanting to share and give, the best possible versions of me, that there is, every-time I posted a new blog post.

But lately, I’ve realised, sometimes the best way to grow/progress, is through acceptance and being true to yourself. Through the fact you can’t always produce jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, amazing work.

My goals for this month was:

  1. to try + write more frequently regardless of my writing imperfections
  2. to learn more about how blogging works
  3. to find new bloggers to seek inspiration from, support + follow

So far, my favourite part were the hours I lost myself in research. It’s been a while since I’ve taken up a project for myself. To work on my writing, without deadlines or exams to worry about. Although the goals set may seem small, I’m happy to admit that I have made progress with each of them ☺ Alhamdulilah. 

I hope in the months to come, In’Sha’Allah that I’m able to accomplish more goals and find more confidence in myself, to get my writing back to a place that I’m happier with.


Till then,

I hope you continue enjoying your little visits to ChasingSakina,

Take care,  stay hydrated, keep smiling (:

+ May you find your own little bit of Sakina soon, Ameen ~

✨Assalamualaykum, ✨

✨(Peace Be With You) ✨

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4 thoughts on “little January update

  1. I find that sometimes my best writing comes when I’m not really trying to write about anything specifically. You would be surprised at what you can write when you are just being your authentic, honest, and vulnerable self. That is usually when/where the magic happens. Keep up your plan and write whatever, and whenever as much as you can. You will surprise yourself! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for the supportive words of encouragement! My struggle is that, being a perfectionist I may write a bunch of things but have a slight obsession with always wanting to perfect things. Worried that it’s not ‘good enough’ or ‘worthy’ of being read by the rest of the world. Have you ever encountered situations like that with your words and writing?


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