the aftermath. 


between two,

wanting to speak up

but scared if i do.


is inevitable, unavoidable,

that i know.

but now i’m faced with a choice,

i’m unsure which way to go.


because i want to know (the truth)

but afraid

because i don’t want to know (what comes next),

what follows.

the aftermath.


Everyone is afraid of something. Something, may be nothing, in the eyes of those who refuse/struggle with seeing otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that ‘something’ isn’t valid or doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged (no matter how big/silly/ or small it may seem). The future is filled with unknowns. The past may feel like it’s constantly gaining on you. The present may currently be suffocating you. But one thing is for certain, you’re capable of swimming above the raging currents trying to swallow you.

You’re capable of letting go, of things that haunt and bother you. You’re capable of starting a fresh, even if it means trying to do so every single morning and every single evening. If it means talking to someone even if you feel like it won’t make a difference, so be it. Do it. Know this. Trying to help yourself get better, is always better than doing nothing at all. You are capable of achieving, no matter how many times you’ve fallen, fumbled or failed. You’re worth so much more than people remind you of being. If it means trying to confront your past, if it means trying to make peace with the darkness that keeps looming overhead, take a deep breath, make yourself a cup of tea or get yourself a glass of cooling water, and do it. Get up off that sofa/bed/floor, splash your face with water, make Wudu if you have to. Let’s do this! Let’s face our fears together!

Let’s embrace things as they come, and if things don’t work out, at least we tried right?

“Rise, and rise again until lambs become lions. ” -Robin Hood






(gif photo credits )

(photo right at the bottom, has its credits on it)

(all other photos were taken by me)




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