“The words, were always, on the tip of her tongue,
articulating them was always the difficult part.”

Friday, 17th February 2017

Assalamualaykum ~
Peace Be Upon you~

Have you ever desperately wanted to explain how hectic things have been recently but when you try to remember, all it seems to be, is a mixture of blurs? Like someone had just shot you with an amnesia dart.  You might remember being rushed off your toes, trying to stay on top of never ending chaos or trying to make sure you drank enough water along the way.

One thing is certain though, January has come, and gone…and somehow we’re nearly through February already?!

In order to welcome the new (almost half-way through) month I thought we could try making a quick mental list of things we’ve done and are grateful for, from the previous month. Remembering isn’t the easiest thing to do, when it invites not so great memories to be replayed, however, if you try to focus, even on just one or two moments alone, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you were grateful for!


Being grateful, reminds us of how blessed we’re and helps us to stay positive. This, in turn, effects how we view our past, deal with our present, and welcome the future.

The highlights of last month for me, Alhamdulilah (All Thanks to God) were:

  1. I was given the opportunity to start playing a new sport,
    (can you guess what sport it is? hint: it involves a ball)
  2. I became more active, blogging wise
  3. I went bowling for the first time, in a long time with someone incredibly special and enjoyed it to bits! ^-^ Alhamdulilah (All Thanks To God).


What are you grateful for?
Have you got any goals that you’re working on, hoping to finish by the end of this month?

Until the next update,
Take care of yourself, Stay hydrated,
&May you find your own little sparkles of Sakina soon ~

~little musafira



5 thoughts on “February.

  1. You ought to try a gratitude journal as well. This blog suffices is if this is its purpose. I use a specialized journal called the 5-minute journal. It has a page for each day of the week. It requires you to focus on what you are grateful for in the morning and then address the great things that happened that day. If you’re interested in looking into this, reply here and I send you a link. You can also look up 5-minute journal in your browser and it’ll take you to their web page.

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    1. This has to be the loveliest comment I’ve read in ages! 🙈🙊 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this post and the blog, I appreciate it so much! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay and your support means a lot! May you find many more ways and reminders to be grateful ☺ ~

      Liked by 1 person

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