From Superman, With Love

It’s the ones who leave behind little bits of kindness like so, that truly do help make the world a better and happier place to be a part of ¬

all in a story

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

Tacked to the ramp with a couple nails, a handwritten message, a quote, flaps in the bone chilling wind next to the four shiny superhero capes that flank it. A message of love and unity anonymously left at a mosque, and fondly signed ‘Superman’. It reads :

“Dreams save us,

Dreams lift us up and transform us.

Until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share, 

I’ll never stop fighting, ever.”

– Superman

Thank you to whoever left this, and reminded us of the quote. The world needs more ordinary superheroes like you ❤

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