it feels like a

w a l l

has erected itself,

branching together,

separating you

from the ability

to coherently

express yourself.


like the bridge

that once connected you

to make sense of things,

has now been

– burnt down


but the words, the ideas

are there,

on the tip of your tongue,

in the air of your lungs,

on the brink of emerging from beyond,

but the moment you try,

to speak, write, type

all you manage is,

– w O r D  v O m I T .


it feels like you’ve caught the cold,

only, this time

it’s your mind,

not your legs, or body,

that aches,

so much so, it becomes

– frozennumb.


shivering off drops,

of itchy irritating, sweat,

you try, and try again

but it’s as if, your voice

has been,

– stolen.


rendered, speechless

unable to form

the most basic of sentences,

it feels,

as if, you’ve been

– cut off, from your own self.



writersblock comes in different forms, but one of the best ways to deal with it, i feel, is to embrace it. to create art with it. if your words don’t seem to flow, or come out logically, let them be a mess. let them be extreme or wild or basic. the world doesn’t always make sense, so why should we write about things that always do? writing is like art after all, is it not? why then, should we strive to conform to what we’re used to?

weren’t the greatest works of art and word, the most bizarre and challenging to the norms of society at first? why not explore the unknown feelings of writers blocks? explain how they make you feel or what they don’t make you feel. why not, try to express how you’re feeling, even if it doesn’t always make sense to you?

perhaps someone else, may finally feel a little less alone and a little more understood, in their chaos and confusion, through your work. perhaps your words, that may seem like complete and absolute blithering nonsense to you, may feel like a hug to someone else. because you didn’t stop, trying, to express yourself. because you didn’t give up ~



status: #currentlyfightingwritersblock

ps: in case you were wondering, yes, there is a reason behind why i chose to write particularly and only in lowercase today, and that’s because i wanted to illustrate that having writersblock can sometimes make you feel very small and incapable at times. but, that big things can also come out of the smallest of things, when we least expect it.
if we but knew ~

side note: did you notice each picture used above was also depicting a story in itself? how the tangled branches illustrated tangled thoughts…how walls aren’t always made of bricks and rocks…how burnt down bridges, aren’t always left standing in battered broken form, but can also completely be demolished from the view…how often we look at things and miss the subtle yet most intricate of details.

how did the pictures speak to you? what did you notice in them?




24 thoughts on “writersblock. 

    1. That would be pretty cool if an invention was made that could help us to find that! I’m sorry that you found it relatable but am glad you enjoyed reading it. I hope you’re able to continuously overcome the hurdles that may come your way ~

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  1. The pictures felt to me like I was hidden in some dark place, looking out into a brighter scene with no one noticing. It reminds me of my current block in that it feels like I have all of these ideas out on my horizon but I’m still kind of trapped in this mental block, and the urge to write something really great is just beyond my fingertips; just beyond my reach; out in the brightness.

    Didn’t mean for that to sound dark, but this is just how my days have been going. In any event, it’s nice to reflect on your own situation through reading someone else’s words.

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  2. While reading th epidemic for a second time, I noticed the left the little details you mention, the words you wrote created a picture in my head, and especially the verse with the burnt bridge- I thought, despite the bridges being burnt down, a few of its particles would definitely remain either in the form of charred wood or ashes, and like words, no matter how much we try to drown the and ignore them, despite the fact that they aren’t making much sense, they would still remain.

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