six minutes past midnight.

April, 12:06am.

how do you do it? how do you continue to care, to love and open up your heart, time and time again, despite all the pain and suffering that’s come along with it? despite not always being able to help? despite being made to feel, like you’re not good enough. my answer has and i pray, always will be, how can i not? how can i not care and not love and not open up, when i see so many giving up? so many aching souls, waiting for someone to notice them, to show them some sort of sign or kindness, no matter how much they may push you away and tell you that they don’t need anybody. to remind them that they’re not the monsters they feel like they’ve become. to remind them that they matter. who am i, not to share, what little i have, with others, when i myself crave what so many others do on a daily basis too? who am i, to stop, being human, in a world of mindless souls, who’ve forgotten what it’s like to one? who am i, to leave anyone behind when i’ve known what it’s like to feel alone? who am i, to not try and make things work, even if things feel one-sided at times? if i still have a heart, that can still feel pain, who am i to stop trying to help others feel less of it?



inspired by thoughts

triggered by pain

caused by a

lost, hurting soul

who i wanted

nothing more

than to heal

with all my heart,

but i couldn’t,

though i tried.


..and so, i challenge you, to ask yourself, is being soft and kind really a sign of strength or weakness? in a world that is in such dire need of love, unity and forgiveness? what are your thoughts on being kind to those who seem to throw it back in your face? are they worth saving and being patient with, or worth walking away from?


until next time, i look forward to hearing your thoughts, feel free to start a discussion below too if you’d like, and i’ll try to contribute as much as i’m able to ~

السلام عليكم

unto you, be peace ✨


[ ps: did you guys notice the fact i chose to write entirely in lower case again? if you’d like to know the secret as to why i did, you can find the answer towards the end of this little post ]


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side note: it might seem a little wierd that i included pictures that were clearly not taken around midnight. the reason i chose to share lighter pictures rather than dark ones was to illustrate, light always overcomes darkness, no matter how much it exists. similarly, the ones who strive with pure hearts and good intentions trying help others even when it may seem pointless at times, will surely be rewarded in full! though acknowledgement may not come from the people we wish would appreciate us, “..whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it” [99:7]. In other words, your actions are being taken note of, they do matter and they will make a difference, just you wait and see ~

Image result for the promise of allah is true



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