An afternoon in May.

Once upon an afternoon in May,

I held your hand in mine,

admiring your fingers

The lines, the intricate deep details,

they were warm, with untold secrets,

I, was filled with curiosity, questions,

But remained patiently silent, as you slept on

You were exhausted.

I watched a bird, as it flew by.

I’d never explored a new city alone,

You said I could,

and sad I was that you wouldn’t be accompanying me

You needed rest, after the long day of working and driving that you’d done.

I tiptoed out of car, so as not to startle you,

gently closing the door behind myself,

Before heading off to explore the streets of Bristol.


have always, fascinated me.

I wondered what rooms lay behind them.

I felt like I was walking onto a street out of Inception,

Was Paris like them?

Beneath the bridge, I walked

My eyes, constantly flickered, upwards.

Sand coloured buildings

stood, overlooking pale whites, and ebony reds,

echoing of history.

Their corners, edges and stones,

Like deep wrinkles in an elderly face,

Inspired the thought,

What would buildings me without their marks,

to tell old from new apart?

Then came the street, that looked a little unreal

I felt a little dizzy after looking a little too long,

It looked like something off a movie set,

like a scene out of Hotel Transylavani,

like it could easily fall apart.


As I walked on, the air enchanted, my breath stolen

Suddenly, I was a little girl again, looking up at a place

Padmae Amidala could have once lived,

Once upon an afternoon in May,

before Anakin Skywalker, before the wars,

before it all.


The tree of shoes was an obscure view,

I didn’t know, if I was more upset

for the poor tree and its branches

carrying unasked for burdens,

or if I was in total awe,

at how artistic and intriguing it looked.

A tree wearing shoes.


The city, and it’s streets


of Architecture.


As much as I loved, it all,

It didn’t so much as scratch the surface of,

how much my heart had begun to ache, to miss

my hands, in Yours.


And so,

I took as many pictures as I possibly could,

So that one day, maybe, you could see

How beautiful the city you let me explore, was.

But, how in comparison,

nothing could ever quite capture my heart,

steal my breath,

smile, in secrets untold, of depths unexplored

of history, of marks, and beauty lines

quite like,




Once upon a May afternoon

I came across a fountain, and you have no clue

How desperately I wanted to leap up and down too,

and whisper, into your ears,

Fountains, like You, are another one of my favourites too.




Autumn is upon us, once more ~

It’s crazy to think that in a few months, 2017 would have come to an end. 

Though technically the Islamic New Year has begun, with the beautiful month, Muharram~ 

If I had to sum up Autumn in a flavour,

I’d say: Gingerbread Cheesecake from Second Cup 

The mouthwatering richness and beautiful texture to it, was dribbling drool worthy. 

What flavour would you sum Autumn up as? 



Take care of yourself, stay hydrated, and know that you’re loved, capable and incredibly special. Even if the rest of the world makes you start to feel otherwise.

His love encompasses you more than you realise,
on more levels than you’ll ever know ~

So which of His favours will you deny? [55:38]

Do you not notice, your sight,
your sense of smell and all other senses that work beautifully well,
that you have been gifted with?

How would we survive without them?
Who would we be. without the gifts bestowed to us, every single day,
by He who loves us more than our own parents and any human ever could?


Until next time, if life is granted to me till then,

I leave, wishing upon you nothing but Peace and endless blessings ~ 

Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh ~




6 thoughts on “An afternoon in May.

  1. I felt as if I was walking around the streets of Bristol💛
    I loved how you played around with your words to form such an intricate piece!
    I felt everything ❤
    And i guess we don’t have much of a fall so fall is associated with the feeling of missing out on so many colours haha
    And that last bit you added…. thank you for that. Really.

    Liked by 1 person

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