the little things are big things.

Three days ago, a bird landed on the windowsill of the room i was in, as i was putting laundry out to dry. the flutter of wings, caught my eye, i looked up and smiled. it felt like the bird had arrived as a messenger. to remind me to look up. i spoke to it and wished it peace. within seconds, it flew from view. i whispered in it’s absence, “thank you.”

Two days ago, as i was preparing fruits in the kitchen, a tiny mosquitoe landed on the blender machine, next to me. i half wanted to swat it, not because i enjoy killing things or because i was certain I could catch it, but because i feared it may spread its poison. instead, as cliche as it may sound, i was reminded of the dua (prayer) that protects one from insect bites, and harm .. again, i felt visited by another messenger, this one reminded me to seek protection from even the tiniest kinds of harm that one may often overlook or not even notice present in your close surroundings.

One day ago, I walked into our bedroom to close the curtains after Maghrib, and saw a single star in the distant sky. it looked like it was shining just for me. reminding me, feeling alone in the darkness didn’t mean we were invisible. i felt so grateful. for my eyes. for being able to see despite my weak vision. for the three little but big messengers that had reminded me, love & signs from our Creator is beyond anything we could ever fathom.




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